SGF Global Forwarding



«SGF Global Forwarding» is a freight forwarding Company founded on the merger of experience and professionalism with the aim of the development and successful execution of hand-crafted solutions and providing high quality services for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo for the mainstream companies in Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Wind Energy and Mining industries worldwide.

The main competitive advantages of our Company is the extensive savoir-faire and professional experience of the Company's management in the field of execution and implementation of Industrial Projects for transportation of oversized, abnormal, exceptional and heavy lift cargo by: Sea Freight , Rail Freight , Trucking and Air Freight, while one of the main assets is skilful staff and the long-term experience of the partnership and interaction with international and global companies which are the innovative leaders in the target segments of industries, where we operate.


«SGF  Global Forwarding»   specializes in providing of international multimodal services for  transportation  of drilling and exploration   equipment. The Project Team of our Company has profound professional experience and deep knowledge in project logistics, in the organization, successful execution and  implementation  of international projects for the transportation of the land drilling rigs, mobile  drilling  rigs  off-shore drilling rigs and  explorations'  equipment from  the  manufacturing  facilities  up to    the   job-site  at  oil-filed  of  drilling  contractors.
«SGF  Global Forwarding»  specializes in providing of the integrated transportation and freight forwarding services during the implementation of the international  projects  of   transportation of  wind  turbines  and   components  from  the  factory  job-site  up to the  place  of  installation.Massive turbine blades, nacelles and generators must  to be transported from the  manufacturing   facilities  to the  sea port of  loading  , then  to be loaded  on board of the  sea  vessel  and  after   delivery  to the  port  of  discharging  to  be  transported    to the wind farm construction site.
«SGF  Global  Forwarding»   specializes in providing of international multimodal services for transportation of drilling and exploration   equipment for mining industry. The Project Team of our Company has profound professional experience and deep knowledge in the organization of   project logistics operational process , successful execution and  implementation  of international projects for the transportation of the underground, surface  and exploration drill  rigs,  continues   miners  and   hydraulic mining  shovels   from  the  manufacturing  facilities  up to    the   job-site  at  mines  of   explorations and  mining   contractors.


SGF  Global  Forwarding successfully performs  logistics'  Projects  for  multimodal transportation of the complicated exploration and  drilling    equipment for their  Customers  worldwide  on the basis of  thorough  professional knowledge and  international  experience gained by the management and staff of the Company in compliance with the highest international standards of Quality, safety and responsibility at the every stage of Project implementation.  During   the Project execution the special attention is paid to the risk assessment and risk mitigation, Quality control of operations, safety, detailed study of business processes and operations' challenges faced by the Client Companies.


SGF Global Forwarding specializes in international Project Freight Forwarding Services, providing the high quality, efficient and reliable operational processes which include:
Based on professional competence and gained long-term experience SGF Global Forwarding provides their Customers with reliable cost-effective international Sea Freight Project Shipping services worldwide for transportation of exceptional , heavy and oversized cargoes starting from the "Shipper’ manufacturing facilities and delivering directly to the final destination at the job-site of " Consignee ", including compiling of the full set of commercial and customs documents and providing the Client with daily operational statement report outlining the status of the shipment in the defined period of time. In case of transportation of off-shore drilling rig or wind turbines components we are able to charter modern project vessels duly equipped with high capacity lifting equipment to handle large and heavy cargo.
SGF Global Forwarding specializes and provides their Clients with international Rail Freight transportation of heavy and oversized cargo which requires for loading, lashing and transportation the using and engagement of the dedicated specially designed rolling stock which ensure the required load capacity and the special technical and engineering equipment for lashing and securing operations.
SGF Global Forwarding provides the Heavy Lifts trucking for heavy, oversized ,and exceptional cargo by trucks and vehicle various compartments and load capacity . Delivery of cargo by Road Transport is carried out from the warehouse facilities of the Shipper directly to the Consignee warehouse. Professional operations staff of SGF Global Forwarding provides the compiling of the full set of the required permission for road transportation of heavy and oversized cargo , customs' and commercial documents
SGF Global Forwarding provides services of international air freight charter transportation of heavy , oversized and exceptional cargo that that cannot be loaded on board of the regular and scheduled aircraft such as drilling & explorations equipment , turbines , wagon trains etc SGF Global Forwarding can offer and provide their Customers with various types of special aircrafts for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo with different types of lifting and loading equipment based on specific requirements of any unique project transportation of equipment.

Customs Clearance

SGF Global Forwarding has a Team of highly qualified and skillful specialists for implantation of the customs' clearance processes of a variety of complicated technological drilling, exploitation and petrochemical equipment, including the compiling of technical documents for obtaining of preliminary decision of Classification of equipment according to the TN VED TS in the authorized customs' authorities' offices at the import of project shipping lots of the complicated technological equipment , as well as for obtaining the decision on classification of project equipment delivered in disassembled condition, the delivery of which is carried out by separate commercial shipping lots.